VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE is Accredited by PSETA,with accreditation NO. P21/1216/MP754.

We are a 100% Black Economic Empowerment Company, driven by our team’s passion for education, training and development. We hold a BBBEE Level 1 status with 100% Black Ownership.The company director (Richman Jacob Ngobeni),holds a B.A degree and a B.ED(Honours in Education)  from the University of Limpopo.He is a former educator at Orhovelani High School and former Head of Department at Nyamande High School.He has been in the business sector from 2007 to date.

Valambya Education & Training Centre (VETC) is an Education and Training Centre in Nelspruit(Mbombela), Mpumalanga Province. We offer tailored training solutions to your individual and organizational development needs. We design and deliver highly effective programmes for your unique circumstances.


VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE has contracted well knowledgeable assessors, moderators and facilitators who have adequate experience in the training environment. The selection of our workers is based on their training background and results of impact assessments given by references. Careful consideration was placed not only on creating the name for the organisation but also on growing our clients to greater heights. We are confident that these well qualified facilitators will bring a wealth of academic excellence through their proven record of tutoring.


Our training is directed at keeping our leaners informed, mentored, motivated and interested in their work and the world around them, as well as developing it.

VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE greatly acknowledges that attitude ,whether positive or negative plays a major role in any given environment. Our approach in training presentations offers a warm welcoming environment which motivates leaners to be cooperative and maintain a positive attitude.

VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE understands that training is an on- going process as a result we have continuous support programmes in place structured to assist the leaner during and after the completion of the training. We have amongst our support programmes a programme of impact assessment which looks into the assessment of the value the training has added to the leaner as well as support on application of the knowledge gained.

Our services include developmental programmes whereby we look into personal developmental plans per learner, considering future growth on both the individual and their organizations.

As part of our objective of improving the provision and relevance of services, we have after training evaluation programmes which forms part of learning programmes reviews and performance reviews. 


VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE is equipped with all necessary resources to enable the  best accomplishment of services.

 FACILLITATORS TRAINING BACKGROUND                                      

We have  facilitators who will bring a wealth of academic excellence through their vast experience and proven record of tutoring in various fields. Such fields include:

-       Facilitating management and leadership programmes

-         Managing “Recognition of Prior Learning”

-        Skills Development  Facilitation

-        Learnership management

-        Facilitation expertise in a number of fields

-        Providing support and mentoring to students

 FACILITATION OF TRAINING                                                       

VALAMBYA EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE is  using PSETA quality assured training materials as well as facilitators that have years of experience in using the PSETA material.

Training events arranged by organizations are carried out as per the agreement between the two parties.

Discounts will be considered on early payments and quantity. Early payments refer to payments settled before programme commences. Quantity discounts will depend on the number of leaners for example, five (5) per cent discount will be given for 10 leaners there after 1% for every additional 10 to the maximum of 250 leaners.